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1974 movie starring Jan-Michael Vincent, Joan Goodfellow, Pamela Sue Martin and Robert Englund.

Buster And Billie - DVD

  • A young girls past comes back to haunt her in this moving story of teenage passion and small town morals.  Set in rural Georgia in 1948. Buster Lane (Jan-Michael Vincent) one of the handsomest, most popular boys in high school is dating the prettiest girl, Margie Hooks (Pamela Sue Martin).  His only problem is Margie's refusal to make love with him until they are married.  In his frustration he turns to Billie (Joan Goodfellow) a shy farm girl who's allowed herself to be used by all the boys to win their acceptance.  Although Buster's intentions aren't honorable at first, a relationship develops when he discovers a vunerable beauty in her.  To everyone's dismay they are soon caught up in a tender, passionate love affair - which is destined for an abrupt and tragic twist of fate

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